2011-2012 Recap: Graduation

While one should arguably start at the beginning, it somehow seems more fitting to start our 2011-12 recap at the end of the academic year: graduation, May 13, 2012.

It was another beautiful graduation day in Chapel Hill, albeit with a few clouds (though the short sprinkle of rain thankfully waited until after our department reception). After the morning ceremony in Kenan Stadium, the Department of Mathematics convened its celebration in Phillips Hall 215.

As is evident in the pictures, it was a tight squeeze, as we recognized 85 graduating with bachelor’s degrees (B.A. or B.S.), 3 M.S. degrees, and 12 Ph.D. recipients. Every year seems to bring us an even larger graduating class than the year before, and we are exploring options for a larger venue for next year.

Some of the highest awards in our department were given at this ceremony:

  • The J. Burton Linker Teaching Assistant Award was presented to Rachel Louise Bayless, with multiple members of the Linker family on hand for the presentation.
  • The Archibald Henderson Mathematics Medal was presented to William Arthur Schlieper, III.
  • The Alfred T. Brauer Prize was presented to Ryan Timothy Kirk.

During these presentations, Prof. Richard Rimanyi further recognized the fact that the Carolina team placed 14th overall in the Putnam competition this year.

Representing the Class of 2012, Elizabeth Boardman Service spoke to her classmates, as pictured below.

Finally, it was time for the annual picture of graduating undergraduates,

and of the Ph.D. recipients who were available to attend,