Fluids Lab MRI Award

The UNC Joint Fluids Lab has been awarded a Major Research Instrumentation (MRI) grant from the National Science Foundation, titled MRI: Development of Pneumatic Water Wave Genesis, a versatile wavemaker for the UNC Joint Fluids Lab. With this award, Roberto Camassa and Richard McLaughlin from Mathematics, Brian White from Marine Sciences, and Leandra Vicci from Computer Science will together build a potentially¬†transformative new device for generating both surface waves and internal waves in stratified water. The new device will move water acting only through pneumatically controlled air flows instead of moving objects such as pistons or paddles as in current wave-generator technology. This will dramatically extend the range of scientific research capabilities and activities in the Joint Fluids Lab’s modular wave tank, which was established by a previous MRI award.

Views of the NSF MRI modular wavetank in the Joint Fluids Lab

Camassa, as lead principal investigator of the award, enthusiastically notes that “this beautiful device designed by Lea Vicci, to her credit, will be built finally with NSF support.”

Congratulations to Camassa, McLaughlin, Vicci and White on these continuing developments in the Joint Fluids Lab.