Proctor gives invited talks at workshop in Japan

Bob Proctor was one of two invited speakers at the workshop on Algebraic Combinatorics related to Young diagrams and Statistical Physics at the International Institute for Advanced Studies in Kizugawa, Japan, August 6-10, 2012, where he gave a series of three lectures.

Bob’s presentations not only highlighted his own work, but also that of recent Ph.D. recipient Matt Willis, as well as building on work by fellow Carolina math faculty Shrawan Kumar: “In my talks, I indicated how to prove the combinatorial theorem that states that ‘d-complete posets have the hook length property’ using an algebraic geometric theorem of Shrawan Kumar. In the second half of my second talk, I presented the main result from Matt Willis’s thesis.”

Congratulations to Bob on the honor of this invitation to speak at this workshop.

Bob Proctor with Prof. Itaru Terada of the University of Tokyo