Forest elected to chair SIAG on Life Sciences

Greg Forest has been elected to a two-year term as the new Chair of the SIAM Activity Group on the Life Sciences, starting January 1. The Activity Groups within the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics “provide a more focused forum for SIAM members interested in exploring one of the areas of applied mathematics, computational science, or applications.” “The SIAM Activity Group on the Life Sciences was established to foster the application of mathematics to the life sciences and research in mathematics that leads to new methods and techniques useful in the life sciences.” In addition to his position as Grant Dahlstrom Distinguished Professor in the Department of Mathematics, Forest is also a member of the Department of Biomedical Engineering, Co-Director of the Institute for Advanced Materials, and Director of the Carolina Center for Interdisciplinary Applied Mathematics. His research in areas including lung biology, diffusive and viscoelastic transport properties of soft materials, nematic fluids and nanoparticle dispersions, cell mechanics, and viral-antibody interactions is well placed for his new role as a SIAG Chair. Congratulations to Greg on this honor and good luck to him in the associated activities involved in this new position.