Professor Jane Hawkins delivers public lecture on Mathematical Modeling of Viral Dynamics from AIDS to Zika

Professor Jane Hawkins gave an invited lecture as part of the Jennifer Mills Lecture Series in Dewing Hall at Kalamazoo College in Michigan. Her public talk was on Monday, April 4 at 8:00 pm and was titiled: Mathematical Modeling of Viral Dynamics from AIDS to Zika. During her visit there Dr. Hawkins also gave a talk to undergrad students entitled: Simplifying the Complex through Coding, Symbolic Dynamics, and Automata. Over two days Dr. Hawkins scheduled several meetings with small groups of undergrad women and visited an undergrad analysis class; at each meeting she talked about grad school preparation and various aspects of graduate training in the mathematical sciences.

AWM chapter receives MAA Tensor Grant for Women and Mathematics

                                    We are excited to announce that our local student chapter of AWM (Association of Women in Mathemagtm_logotics) has received the MAA Tensor Grant for Women and Mathematics to fund a free math day camp for high school girls that will take place in the Math Department from June 13th to 24th, 2016. 

The camp is for rising 9th to 12th graders in the triangle area who are interested in mathematics. Campers will research the lives and contributions of historical women in mathematics, work on related math problems, and create a blog and podcast series about what they learn. More information about registration and volunteering can be found on the website

The Tensor Program is a competitive grant with applications open to schools nationwide. Katrina Morgan and Francesca Bernardi applied for the grant with the help of Dr. Hans Christianson and a wide base of support from department faculty. Katrina Morgan is the President of the UNC AWM chapter and a second year pure mathematics PhD candidate working with Dr. Jason Metcalfe. Francesca Bernardi is the UNC AWM chapter Secretary and a third year applied mathematics PhD candidate working with Drs. Roberto Camassa and Richard McLaughlin. 

Carolina experts lecture at display of Leonardo’s Codex Leicester

image3Professor Roberto Camassa and graduate student Francesca Bernardi combined their fluid dynamics expertise and fluency in Italian to speak this past weekend at a special exhibit at the North Carolina Museum of Art on Leonardo da Vinci’s Codex Leicester and the Creative Mind. Reporting on the contents of the respective selected pages, with the original pages from the notebook shown behind them in glass, Roberto and Francesa commented on the concepts therein.

A thank you and photo credit goes to Department Chair Rich McLaughlin, who noted how Leonardo’s observations “were pretty much spot on, even in describing the breaking of waves in rivers, a topic we continue to work on today.”

Congratulations to Roberto and Francesca for their intellectually exciting experience.










Science Expo 2015

The annual Science Expo at UNC this past Saturday once again included a strong showing from Carolina Mathematics. The day started a little slowly, with the local public school district in Saturday school making up the many weather closings this past winter. But the event finished with a great turnout.

Special thanks go out to all of the graduate students from the department who make our participation in this event as big as it is, to Jeremy Marzuola for being the faculty organizer of our department participation in the Science Expo, and to graduate student Claudia Falcon for the many pictures shown below (click on them for higher resolution originals).

DSC_0151DSC_0119 DSC_0109 DSC_0092 DSC_0084DSC_0090   DSC_0032DSC_0209DSC_0010

Carolina Mathematics professors connect research to Flight 370 investigation

Department Chair Rich McLaughlin and Professor Roberto Camassa appear in a recent campus update highlighting their work in the Joint Fluids Laboratory. Congratulations to them and all of their collaborators in the lab.

Mathematics at the 2014 UNC Science Expo

Last weekend, the Department of Mathematics had another great showing at the annual UNC Science Expo. The department hosted a variety of booths and activities outside (on a prototypically gorgeous Carolina spring day), as well as special demonstrations in the Joint Applied Math and Marine Sciences Fluids Lab.

The corn starch walk is always a particular favorite, appearing in the University Gazette’s special photo gallery of the Science Expo.

Thank you to Jeremy Marzuola for organizing the department’s participation in this important campus-wide event. Our pictures of the event were taken by Marzuola, department chair Rich McLaughlin, and graduate student Claudia Falcon.

DSC 0309

DSC 0311

DSC 0320


DSC 0323

DSC 0325

DSC 0379

DSC 0437

DSC 0454

4th Annual NC Math Competition held in Chapman Hall


In what has become an annual tradition, on October 20th the Department of Mathematics played host to the State Finals of the North Carolina Math Competition for students in grades 3-8. After competing in local competitions earlier in October, the top 20 participants in each grade level across the state were invited to participate in the competition held in Chapman Hall.

As an extra treat this year, Department Chair Rich McLaughlin and his colleagues put on some demonstrations for visiting parents and students in the Joint Fluids Laboratory in Chapman Hall (pictured above). McLaughlin also spoke at the awards ceremony for the event, where it was announced that for the first time the organizers needed to implement a triple tie breaker for one of the grades.

An important part of the success of this event every year is the volunteering by a group of Carolina Mathematics graduate students to help proctor and grade the competition’s examinations. Thank you to all who contributed their time and enthusiasm this year, and congratulations to all of the students who visited Chapel Hill for the competition.