2011-12 Recap: Celebrating Warren Wogen’s career

Prof. Warren Wogen retired at the end of the 2010-11 academic year. During his decades of service to the Department, it appears that he held almost every administrative post or task at one time or another, and served in every position with excellence. Now holding the title of Emeritus Professor of Mathematics, we belatedly gathered in Spring 2012 to celebrate his long career in the Department.

It isn’t necessarily that we’re quite that slow at planning things; rather, Warren caught us off guard by deciding to outright retire rather than take a “phased retirement”. The perhaps-too-true-not-to-tell joke is that he made this decision after we asked him to be a go-to mentor on all things regarding the Department Chair and Director of Graduate Studies positions for his phased retirement service duties. Only he truly knows whether that prospective headache drove him to simply jump into full retirement instead! Either way, his long commitment to the well being of the Department deserved special recognition.

In what will hopefully become a new Department tradition for all retirements, we chose to honor Warren with a special visitor of his choosing to speak in our Colloquium. On March 15, Prof. Stephan Garcia of Pomona College gave the special retirement colloquium on the subject of “Hidden Symmetries in Everyday Operators”. It was a wonderful presentation with broad appeal (the photograph below, taken in the dark, doesn’t do it justice), including pointers to Warren’s own research work.

We additionally gathered for a traditional retirement dinner honoring Warren. After an evening of good food, a number of excellent stories were shared by his colleagues about Warren across the years. We will miss seeing his good-natured dedication on display day-to-day; but we hope that he will enjoy his emeritus status and that we will see him frequently in the Department. Congratulations to Warren.